Bringing peace of mind to parents of children with special education needs.

As a special education attorney, I will work to ensure that every child I represent does not go even one day without access to the education to which they are entitled.

services, we still faced the challenge of getting them the free and appropriate public education to which they were entitled.

I understand the challenges that children face in school and the challenges their parents face ensuring that their children receive the education they deserve.  The special education learning curve is steep and the time it takes to acquire the knowledge to advocate for them may mean days, weeks or months delay in getting a child the educational services they need.  Let me help you, I know how.

My mission to serve and advocate for children began in 1996 when my husband and I adopted our twin girls from Romania.  I experienced great difficulty getting the girls the early intervention services they needed.  And, after successfully acquiring those

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Even before I became an attorney and began representing children's special education interests, I had been advocating   for my own children's education interests for over 15 years.   I am here to help you and  your child accomplish his or her educational goals.  I know that working with your child's school can be both difficult and intimidating.  I have worked directly with many schools and school districts in LA County and I know how to help you get the services your child is entitled to and deserves.


In addition to working with families in my practice, I also provide pro bono services to the Los Angeles County Children's Court as a Court Appointed 317(e) Attorney as well as the Alliance for Children's Rights and CASA, Los Angeles, both of which are child advocacy groups dedicated to serving the foster children and youth in LA County.

Special Education Attorney in located in Pasadena, CA