Current Immigration Services :

 - Family Petitions

 - Deferred Action Childhood Arrival (DACA)

 - Deferred Action Childhood Arrival Renewals (DACA Renewals)

 - Deferred Action Parent Arrival (DAPA)

 - Adjustment of Status

 - Naturalization

 - Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

 - Political Asylum

A tireless advocate for children, Michelle began learning about the Special Juvenile Immigrant Status and Political Asylum laws and trained to become an advocate for these unaccompanied minors.  Along the way, Michelle found herself motivated by the efforts of immigrant families to make it to America and build a life for themselves.  She became compelled, not only to help the children, but also their families.  Although her Immigration practice is fairly new, Michelle is driven to assist you in all of your family-based immigration needs.

Michelle became interested in immigration in 2014 when she became aware of the plight of the unaccompanied minors that were coming to America from Mexico and Central America in an effort to flee the violent circumstances of their homeland.  There was much news coverage about the dangerous trips the children made just to make it to our borders.  Unfortunately, when the children arrived, they were not welcome and were placed in border holding facilities for weeks until decisions were made, child by child, as to whether they  would be sent home or able to remain in the United States.

Family-Based Immigration