Bringing peace of mind to parents of children with special education needs.

When seeking legal advice, one might fear that they will pay a lot of money and receive legal advice that is  confusing and difficult to implement.

- My services include informal training on special education law and helping parents advocate for their children. 

        I believe that parents should  know as much about special education law as possible.  The more you know, the more you can

      help your child.   There  are on-line resources, books, seminars, etc. that parents have access to, however, most of the

      material requires further elaboration to really understand how to apply the law.  As part of the scope of my representation,

     I  will make myself available to answer any questions you have and provide advocacy tips as needed.

- My approach to special education is to work with parents as soon as they see that their child is struggling to achieve typical developmental milestones or their child is having difficulty in school.  Early intervention works!

       I believe that it is best for a parent to engage an advocate/attorney at the beginning of their special education journey 

     rather than wait for legal assistance to be required as a result of non-compliance by a school.

- My services are flexible; I don't offer an "all or nothing approach".  I can divide up the tasks with parents to keep costs


        I believe that parents should be as involved as they want to be with the process.  I can perform all of the tasks involved  or

      I can take on the role of advisor for parents who would like to take the lead.

At the Law Office of Michelle Becker, my goal is to make the legal process as cost effective and as easy to access and understand as possible.  I can work with you in a variety of ways and with as much flexibility as you need.

How I am different than other firms