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Individual Family Service Plans (IFSP's)

Written Plan to address the early intervention process for children with disabilities and their families under Part C of the Federal IDEA

An IFSP includes the services required to support a child's development and assists the family in supporting the child's development.  The family and service providers work together to plan, implement and evaluate services to address the family's unique concerns, priorities and resources.

Under the IDEA, and IFSP is a written document and it addresses:

1. Child's present levels of physical, cognitive, communicative, social, emotional and adaptive development

2. Family resources, priorities and concerns relating to addressing the development of a disabled child

3. Major outcomes to be achieved for both the child and family - strategies, action plans, tasks and timelines used to measure progress; identify and make modifications/revisions when necessary

4. ID specific early intervention services required to meet child's and family's needs

5.Dates of service

6. Service provides on the case

7. Transitions services addressed as needed