Individualized Education Programs (IEP's)

Written document developed for a public school child who is eligible for special education which identifies the education program for that child.

Disclaimer: Content on this page is not legal advice, nor is it intended to be legal advice.  It is informational only and is meant to briefly describe one aspect of special education
Suspensions and Expulsions

A student may not be suspended or be recommended for expulsion unless the superintendent or principal of the student's school has determined that the student has violated at least one rule on an enumerated list as identified in the district's code of conduct.

Individual Family Service Plans (IFSP's)

Written Plan to address the early intervention process for children with disabilities and their families under Part C of the Federal IDEA.

On-Going Educational Planning

Once a child has received special education services, their program is an ongoing concern and must be addressed annually at a minimum by the school district.

Due Process Hearings

Parents who disagree with the outcome of an assessment, determination of IEP eligibility or services provided or a variety of other disputes with respect to their child's  special education program has the right to address these disputes with the school district in a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge.

504 Plans

Written plan developed for a child who has a disability identified under the American's with Disabilities Act and is enrolled in an elementary or secondary educational institution and is not eligible for an IEP.

Behavior Support Plans (BSP's)

Written plan developed for a student that has been identified as having behavioral issues that affects that student's ability to learn in school.

Compliance Complaints

Written complaint by parent or guardian to the California Department of Education when a school violates either the Federal IDEA or California State education laws affecting special education.

 College Planning

A child receiving special education services is not a limitation on their ability to go to college. It is important to create a plan to get to college and transition to college from high school.

Special Education Services